From Oakland to UC Berkeley, this is Our Civil Rights Movement: Why I Run for ASUC Senate

I write this piece today, not only to commemorate the first day of voting for UC Berkeley’s ASUC (Associated Students of the University of California) elections, but to take a moment to appreciate the journey, the people, and the experiences that have taken me to this point. I want to record this next chapter in my growth of being not only a student, but someone who will continue to push for change on our campus and in our society.

I Still Miss Steve Jobs: A Reflection on How He Influenced Me to Be Who I Am Today

I still miss Steve Jobs.

It has been a month now since he passed away, but I still feel this huge hole, this dark void, in my life. Even though I never actually ever met Steve before, I have always wanted to shake his hand, give him one of those high fives from the side, pull in, pat on the backs, and tell him what an influence he has been to my life.

1and1 and WordPress: “500″ error fix!

Just yesterday, I brought into version 3.0 of WordPress, and everything was working without any problems. Well, today to my surprise I started getting “internal server errors” from 1and1, our host:

“Error 500 – Internal server error

An internal server error has occurred! Please try again later.”

Well, to those getting this error message, the fix is simple. Just place a file named “php.ini” (without the quotes) into your ~/wp-admin directory, and within the file, drop this one line of code:


This file dictates how much memory you will be allocating to your WordPress installation. After that, your WordPress isntallation should start working again!