7 Lessons I Learned From My First Software Engineering Job @ CTCT

I am writing this piece as a way to celebrate two years at my first job out of college. It has been a positive experience transitioning from college to professional life, albeit with some inevitable ups and downs, but that should be a guarantee. Nevertheless, below are seven nuggets of knowledge and wisdom I have acquired in my first two years in Silicon Valley.

Supercharging Continuous Delivery with KiF iOS UI Automation

From car manufacturing to software engineering, there has always been an ongoing pursuit for teams to leverage their process of delivering value as a competitive advantage. In the quest for a more-perfect process, Continuous Delivery stands as the tantamount answer to the burning questions of how teams can be more agile, innovative, and adaptive to market feedback. The process of developing quality iOS applications is no different.

Starting My First Job: 90 Days with Constant Contact

I cannot believe it has been three months since I walked from Berkeley and walked into my first job in the Silicon Valley. The beginning of this September marks the ninety days that I have been at my first new job as a software engineer for Constant Contact. Below is an account of what it was like for me to start my new job, the things I learned along the way, and the things that get me up every morning ready for work.

Analysis of the Word “Trippin'”

In this essay, we will be discussing the semantic changes found in the word tripping by comparing the changes in its meaning over time. In particular, we will chronicle the evolution of this word by exploring the historical usage of tripping [trɪpɪŋ] and its root morpheme trip (v.) as far back as the 1300s, its references to drug culture in the 1960s, and its modern usage in American hip-hop culture from the 1980s until now. Throughout the essay, we will analyze the word’s lexical and semantic change in context of the given time periods.