UC Berkeley Gender Equity Resource Center


From 2009 to 2013, I worked on redeveloping and optimizing the official website for UC Berkeley’s Gender Equity Resource Center (or GenEq for short). In coordination with the staff at GenEq, we were able to create and broadcast content to over 10,000 unique visitors from nearly every continent every month. Working on this site was an extremely rewarding endeavor both technically and progressively.


At UC Berkeley, GenEq is the center that focuses on providing resources around the topics of sexual and dating violence, hate crimes, and serves as a hub for communities of women and LGBTQIA students, faculty, and staff that are affiliated with Cal. In addition, it is an advocacy space for students to work with staff on initiatives surrounding violence prevention, gender identity and sex curriculum, and hate crime prevention.

My time with GenEq was characterized by our center’s desire to answer the question: how do we serve the community at Cal both on and off campus? With this guiding question in mind, we were able to cull and maintain a large number of resources and advertise a number of events throughout the academic year. In addition, we were able to reach hundreds of students by leverage social media.

The site that I created (featured in the attached screenshot) was created with PHP/Drupal 7, and a standard front-end stack (HTML, CSS, JS).